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Help find Chaffy

An on-line friend of mine Andy Fanton (I’ll introduce you to him later), posted on Facebook his contribution towards a viral campaign to promote a lovely new book for kids (both young and old) that has just been released by the very talented Jamie Smart called – ‘Find Chaffy‘.

Chaffy is a cuter, more loveable, possibly harder to find ‘Where’s Wally’ for the noughties? (Noughties? Teenies? What do we call this decade, only two thirds of it are teenage years?).

Their very clever idea is to make Chaffy viral in as many different ways as possible.

‘Real’ Chaffy’s have been distributed around the globe as part of a photographic project where; if you find one you’re supposed to take a photograph of yourself with Chaffy, upload your photo to the web and then hand him on or leave him somewhere for someone else to find so that they can do the same – creating an ever expanding photographic on-line album of ‘Where’s Chaffy’.

They have also asked other artists to submit a single frame to a compilation story which will become the biggest never-ending Chaffy adventure of them all called ‘The longest, most amazing Chaffy journey of them all!’

Andy Fanton (the on-line friend) is a very talented (do not tell him I said that) and very funny (or that) comic artist who produces a number of on-line,  animated for screen and print, published and unpublished comics as well as a hosting/having/harbouring an on-line alter ego called Lord Likely who has his own web site promoting the astonishing adventures of a Victorian aristocrat and gentle-man of action.

Andy Fanton's Chaffy Adventure Frame

Well he did a frame for the never-ending story (see above) – I clicked the link he promoted – I thought that Chaffy was lovely – I had an idea for a frame myself – I created it – I submitted it – I had it added to the longest, most amazing Chaffy journey of them all! – I became very proud : ) – I told everyone (via Twitter/Facebook & WordPress (here)).

I can’t believe that I am up there with such talent.

Footnote: When I was creating the frame I was wracking my brains for just a few moments (less than a minute) on what the wording would be, I knew what I wanted to say but I have a thing for alliteration and wanted a really good ‘P word’ to go with my Pertinent Pixel idea, when I received a tweet from another on-line friend Tim Wood (introduce you to Tim later) who had listed me as a person to follow on a Friday and it said….

@LiveCut: Thanks to @xwidep and #FF as well. The “p” stands for “perspicacious” 🙂

Click here for a definition of perspicacious (I had to look it up).

Serendipity in motion – I had my ‘P-word’, in fact I had a perfect ‘P-word’ for my Chaffy frame idea (no pun intended), thanks Tim.

Tim Wood is a cultured and creative geek (we’ve taken it back, it’s ours now), who loves live music so much it has become his career – his website records and distributes high quality live recordings of gigs to your phone or computer. Allowing you to take that awesome experiential moment (your favourite band playing your favourite song, live) back home with you, awesome idea.

Here’s my contribution to the Chaffy Adventure:

The longest, most amazing Chaffy journey of all!

Why don’t you create your own frame to add to this fabulous bit of on-line fun or have a look at all the other wonderful contributions so far – Never Ending Find Chaffy Adventure or help find Chaffy in some other way?

Help find Chaffy

NB: For those that don’t use Twitter – Follow Friday is a hash tag phenomena on Twitter (#FF or #FollowFriday) where you recommend to your followers who they ought to follow – it’s kinda a mutual back slapping party although I have to confess I forget to do it most Fridays so am always grateful when someone does it to me : )

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2 Responses to Find Chaffy

  1. Josep says:

    How can I have chuffy? It’s possible to buy? Tank you!.

    • X-Wide P says:

      Unfortunately not, there are quite a number that have been distributed by the book publishing company. The idea is that if you find one, you take a photograph of it and then leave it for someone else to find : )

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