Day 14 – Your earliest memory.

30 Days Planned Blogging:

Day 14 – Your earliest memory.

Very difficult, I have never really tried to remember my earliest memory – my earliest memory from today I can remember but ever, is very difficult.

I can remember going to some sort of play school before I was old enough to go to actual school that was in someone’s house on a little curving road that was behind Peberdy’s shops which were on both Ravenhurst Road & Henley Crescent. In my memory quite a few children that went to that play school I eventually went to school with about six years later when I went to Winstanley High School and I remember that I recognised and remembered them but they didn’t seem to remember me and even back then I considered knowledge to be power, so I kept that information to myself.

Very Ickle X-Wide P

Thinking about it I may have a very early memory of my Grandfather (my Mum’s Dad) but I was very young when he died and it may be based on photographs that I saw as I got older and the fact that my Grandma lived in the same end of terrace house leading onto the disused railway line (which I have many memories of) that means I may well be very much mistaken.

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