What am I missing?

I’ve lost something and it drives me wild, it drives me wild because I don’t remember moving it (well that is the calm rational thought, at the time when I am not being rational I am convinced someone else has moved it) and no one else can remember moving it either but nine times out of ten it is something that has a pretty permanent location, normally.

The other issue is that this isn’t the first time in recent weeks & the things that have gone missing are unusual in that they have little value or are unusual shape, size or composition.

The latest thing to go missing is a small heart shaped box one of my daughters made for me out of clay that I kept on my desk full of paper clips and the odd memory stick.

The previous object to go missing without trace was a white fleece blanket with holes punched along the hem which was tassled, gone, never to be seen again.

Before that almost all of the forks in my house disappeared.

What the fork is going on?

About four years ago almost half of all my belongings went missing but that was because my ex took half of them with her so that wasn’t a surprise really although at the time it was all a little unexpected.

Weird isn’t it, Forks, Blankets and a handmade clay heart?

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