Day 7 – My 4 guilty pleasures (genres, artists or songs)

10 Day Musical Challenge:

Day 7 – My 4 guilty pleasures (artists or songs)

Christmas Songs: Well I think I may have to confess that one of my guiltiest pleasures is a whole genre – Christmas songs, I try to be discerning and to limit myself to only those of quality but when it comes down to it if I haven’t got that particular song I will probably desire to have it and if it is a good version of a song I already have I will probably also desire to have it, so clearly not that discerning – and the funny cheesy versions are always a winner for me. I have all the traditional Christmas carols and songs too, currently I have 486 Christmas Songs on my iPod (only the very best remain I have deleted lots more) – they are marked on iTunes not to come up on random shuffle so I don’t hear them throughout the year but I switched that off about four days ago!

R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Star Wars Christmas

Didn’t I Get This Last Year by Bob Rivers

Spoken Word & High Pitched Singing in Songs: Spoken word, not really rap although it can be, more 70’s cheesy love songs, I’m not really that keen on it appearing in the intro or at the end of the song but if it appears in the middle eight or the chorus then I am a sucker for it. This style of vocal delivery seems to go hand in hand with the high pitched singing, whether natural, comedy voice, adjusted, pitch shifted or vocoded, I love it and quite a few of my favourite songs are of a high pitched variety, the cheesier the better.

Sugar Baby Love by The Rubettes

Push Th’ Little Daisies by Ween

Fidgety House/Dubstep: Well I am the father of three nearly teenage daughters and I am still shaking my booty to the latest dance music. I didn’t include this in the list because I am embarrassed or feel that liking this style of music is a guilty pleasure, but it is clear from the look on my daughters’ faces that they do, so I am assuming that it probably is my guiltiest music pleasure.

Wearing My Rolex by Wiley

Dubstep VIP Tutorial by Dubba Jonny

Throat Singing: I have been fascinated with and by the country of Tuva in central Russia north of Mongolia solely because of their throat singing. Tuvan throat singing also introduced me to one of my heroes Richard P Feynman the Nobel prize winning physicist, safe cracker, bongo playing practical joker.

Tuvan Internationale by Huun-Huur-Tu

Sygyt by Huun-Huur-Tu

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