New Facebook Profile

Stolen idea but this is worth copying.

New Facebook Profile

About X-Wide P

Award winning advocate for the arts, heritage & culture; Fine Artist & Curator at StudionAme; Resources Manager for Leicester Arts, Museums, Festivals & Events; Founder & Curator of L.O.V.E. Art the Leicester Open Exhibition
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4 Responses to New Facebook Profile

  1. Luke Prater says:

    Hey dude.. seem to have so many blogs I didn’t know which to explore after you kindly visited me at WordSalad. Me, I just blog poetry on WordPress, though I have several other public Internet accounts (as you’ll see on my Gravatar).

    Looks like you’re into your music… and you’ve just reminded me to sort out my MySpace.. just in case anyone still ventures there (even though I am also a musician, I haven’t yet got it together to get a Music MySpace, and it ain’t happening as a social networking or poetry blogging site really).

    Cheers mate


    • xwidep says:

      Yeah this is my main blog and I do a bit of micro blogging via Tumblr but Myspace is a sleeping giant, for music etc. is still where it’s at.

    • xwidep says:

      Just realised, my blog is full of music because I did a ten day music challenge blog and I am posting a Christmas song every day, it’s not normally so full of songs : )

    • xwidep says:

      Thanks Luke, no worries, I have only just worked out how to comment on my comments : )

      Only two blogs but lots of social media and web site presence – music is my muse, making it, listening to it and most of all sharing it ; )

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