Day 1 – Your birth

10 Life Events:

Day 1 – Your birth

Well I don’t remember much about it, I was very young and it was (just) over four decades ago but I was born at home in the bedroom I grew up in, which is now my nephew’s bedroom (my sister and her husband purchased my Mum & Dad’s home, which should make it easier for English Heritage to gain approval to fit the Blue Plaque in future).

I’m the first born son but third child in a family of four children, I have two older sisters and a younger brother, this has seriously affected me, my whole life.


About X-Wide P

Award winning advocate for art, heritage & culture; fine artist, curator, museum & gallery manager and mild mannered front man of Relevant Elephant, finest purveyors of rock-steady hip-hop mambo
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2 Responses to Day 1 – Your birth

  1. love7nepal says:

    you are really true speaker…. I really appreciate you…..

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