Day 3 – Your first love

10 Life Moments:

Day 3 – Your first love

I have talked about this before somewhere and I really do feel sorry for the young lady in question as our ‘young love’ still haunts her as much as it does me.

My mistake was falling in love at a very young age and then expressing my love by sending a lovingly home-made St Valentine’s card to my primary school teacher’s daughter.

The primary school teacher also happened to be one of the more memorable teachers at the school (no one who was taught by her will have forgotten her) and a friend of my family.

Subsequently more than three decades later my romantic indiscretion to a young lady aged 6 (when I was aged 5) is still brought up at events and social gatherings and to her I apologise as I am sure she is reminded at least half as often as I am, which is still twice as many times as it should be.

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  1. love7nepal says:

    ha ha ha forwarded guy…. I know you…………

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