Day 5 – Your first concert

10 Life Moments:

Day 5 – Your first concert

My first ever concert with Relevant Elephant was a nerve-wracking event due mainly to my being a member of the band for just a few weeks (read about how I came to be a member of Relevant Elephant here).

The gig was at the Princess Charlotte in Leicester, a fantastic mid-sized live venue which was almost legendary in certain circles (now sadly lost) and we were the support act, so on stage first. In my excitement I turned up far too early so I nipped to the Nags Head & Star pub next door and had a pint or two of Guinness, then I was joined by the rest of the band and a few more drinks were consumed, a mistake I would not recommend anyone should repeat.

By the time we went on stage I was already a little (a lot) drunk, very nervous and stood there on stage with the lyrics in my hand, handwritten on notepaper as I was more worried about not remembering the lyrics than anything else, wondering what I had let myself in for.

Relevant Elephant

It was reported to me by my fellow band members that I had no problems singing the songs, I even presented a bit of likeable stage presence, interacting with the crowd with a bit of jovial banter, accepting more drinks from people in the crowd during the gig and telling a few jokes; I blame these additional stage drinks for what I am told happened next.

Apparently I was unwilling to leave the stage, told more jokes, recited the poetry of Wordsworth and eventually made way for the headline act but only after much encouragement and unfortunately not for long; I rejoined them on stage playing an impromptu and unwanted Jews Harp solo over one of their songs from on top of the speaker stack and added backing vocals too, as often as I felt the need to open my mouth.

I don’t remember any of that actually happening and it may have all been a fabrication made up by my band mate to mess with my mind but the evidence of weird happenings was surrounding me making me fear that there was some truth in it, because the next thing I remember clearly, after going on stage for the first time, is waking up the following day at home fully dressed with an electric toaster in a plastic bag next to me and half a corn on the cob in my pocket and I have no idea how they or I got there!

Despite the grandmother of the mother of all hangovers and the story of my on stage antics, I was hooked, performing on stage is the most addictive adrenalin rush I have ever experienced, if you ever get the chance, grab it and have a go, I guarantee you’ll love it and if you don’t you have both the tools and the means to prepare yourself a tasty hot snack in the morning and a story to tell your grandchildren.

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