Day 10 – Your plans for the future

10 Life Moments:

Day 10 – Your plans for the future

Hmmm well I have some immediate plans, like undertaking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, selling my house, moving down to Farnham in Surrey and starting my new job as Chief Executive of Farnham Castle Intercultural Training, Conference & Event Venue. Which all happen in the next ten weeks but I’m guessing that regardless of how life changing those plans are, the point of this question is for me to wax lyrical about my longer term ambitions and goals?

Well I am going to buy two, maybe three more classic Volkswagen cars and use them on a rotation basis as my day to day car (to keep their mileage down) and get rid of the sensible man’s car. I already own a 1972 Karmann Ghia, and my ambition is to own a 1970 or earlier Beetle and a 1967 or earlier Camper Van/Bus, I may also get my hands on a VW Karmann Ghia cabriolet for those really sunny days, you know the ones I mean, that happen every summer in the UK (yes, of course those, sunny days!). I know it sounds mad and overtly expensive but it honestly wouldn’t be. My ‘Carmen’ costs less than £300.00 a year to run, she is exempt from road tax and has really low insurance and she cost me only just over a couple of thousand pounds to purchase – although she looks like she’s worth an awful lot more.

I am also going to set aside more time to paint, write poetry, music and to get out and about more, whether that be hiking, roller skating, riding my mountain bike or going for day trips in the countryside – I am going to be more creative and active.

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