Put your ipod on shuffle and write down the first dozen.

I always listen to my iPod on random and I currently have 16,682  songs on iTunes on my 80GB iPod so I switched my iPod off, synchronised it with iTunes, switched it back on and pressed Shuffle!

I have selected a few tracks for you to listen to, just click the play button below your track of choice.

  1. Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry
  2. Homage To Patagonia by Lemon Jelly
  3. Uneasy Listening (Rockit / Promises, Promises / Bring The Noise) by Dj Z-Trip & DJ P
  4. I Got My Mind Made Up by Mr Rock
  5. Mellophobia by Stan Kenton
  6. Left Behind by Zero 7
  7. The Keeper Ft. Andreya Treyana by Bonobo
  8. A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix) by Andreya Treyana
  9. Given To Fly by Pearl Jam
  10. K.T.B. by Robag Whrume
  11. Beautiful Day by U2
  12. 1969 by The Stooges

I have also done this before – check out my previous random iPod 10 songs and random iPod 8 songs blog posts.

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Award winning advocate for the arts, heritage & culture; Fine Artist & Curator at StudionAme; Resources Manager for Leicester Arts, Museums, Festivals & Events; Founder & Curator of L.O.V.E. Art the Leicester Open Exhibition
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