I really hate spam

I can’t believe the latest spam I’ve been receiving.

I’ve had all the adverts and sycophantic generic drivel saying how much they cool think I am (verbatim) or multiple entries of web addresses in the comments section telling me ways to add a few inches here, lose a few inches there; I have even received the odd unusual spam message that may not be spam at all but has been sent to my account.

I Hate Spam

But the latest spam that I have received has got my blood bubbling with despair, I can’t believe it, I have received a number of generic messages which slate my blogging style, saying that my blogs are boring, uninteresting and that I whinge too much about stuff that I could fix if I only did something about it rather than write about it followed by a list of dodgy web sites.

So now I am not only affronted by awful spam, in my in-box, I am insulted by it too, horrible b****rd’s.

I really hate SPAM!


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Award winning advocate for the arts, heritage & culture; Fine Artist & Curator at StudionAme; Resources Manager for Leicester Arts, Museums, Festivals & Events; Founder & Curator of L.O.V.E. Art the Leicester Open Exhibition
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  1. katie says:

    your good

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