List #5. Books you’ve read

I’ve written about my favourite books etc.  in a post called The Lost LibraryI love books and always have more than one book on the go, mainly to satisfy my whim, depending on what I feel like reading but also due to location; one in my work bag for commutes and lunch breaks, one by my bed, one in the lounge, etc. etc. so for this blog I am going to write about the books I am reading right now:

Paperweight by Stephen Fry: I love Stephen Fry, he is one of my guests at my Dream Dinner Party and ‘Paperweight’ is a collection of his writings from when he contributed to the column inches of The Listener, The Daily Telegraph with articles, views, characters and even includes a couple of short plays and a lost Sherlock Holmes story. It is currently in my bathroom and is read periodically ; )

The Best of C.M. Kornbluth by Cyril M Kornbluth: I read an article about the story ‘March of the Morons’ which is about a world where advertising has influenced the masses to such an extent that the gullible rule the world and the intelligentsia are slaves to their whim, that intrigued me so I sought out a copy. I had never read any Kornbluth before and I wish I had, he has a unique approach to story telling in the sci-fi genre and some of these short stories are some of the best I have read for years. It’s also nice to have Frederick Pohl as editor and introducer for each story.

The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Samson: I was given this book as a gift or maybe I picked it up on offer when I was buying gifts for someone else (I love doing that) I have only read it whilst I was doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge to date, it made me laugh out loud, more than once, I should get back to reading it. It’s about a man who accepts a job at a Library that is not only closed when he arrives for his first day at work, all of its books are missing too.

The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel: I recently bought this book after it was recommended to me by the ‘Fair Maiden of Gondor’ @Arunniel after I had discussed a book that I had just finished called ‘Dragon Bones by Penny van Oosterzee‘ with her. It is a fictional story about the life of an orphaned Cro-Magnon child who is adopted and raised by a Neanderthal clan. Based approximately 35,000 years ago it appears to be a story that  transcends the epochs and has been extensively researched. I am enjoying it so far.

The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer: Artemis Fowl is the teenage heir of a multi million pound estate who with the help of his bodyguard ‘Butler’ has used his criminal genius to raid the Fairy kingdom of their technology to enhance his assets and ultimately to protect the Earth- all under the radar of the authorities – in this book he appears to be suffering from a psychosis which is caused by exposure to Fairy magic that threatens to undermine all of his plans however honourable or ill-gotten they may be.

I’m following a couple of brilliant bloggers (Lori at She’s Awake & Chrissa at A Little Wicked) who are undertaking a blog challenge to write 50 lists that will lift your spirits. I love lists, I like having something to blog about and I love them, so I’ve decided to join in.

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4 Responses to List #5. Books you’ve read

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  3. loripop326 says:

    clan of the cave bear, and it’s subsequent sequels, are all highly enjoyable 🙂

    i am so happy that you are doing the lists, Phil!


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