Please Donate £1 to Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle is a registered charity with two charitable aims:

Farnham Castle

Aim One: to educate persons holding or intending to hold any appointment which necessitates their visiting or living in, or working with people who are from other countries; about the history, culture, environment, traditions and working practices of the countries they will enter and or engage with and about the people, their religions and their cultural approach in those countries.

Aim Two: to preserve, conserve and maintain the historic fabric of Farnham Castle a registered ancient monument built-in the 12th Century, the Bishop’s Palace built, altered and added to over a period of more than 600 years, the landscaped gardens and numerous other buildings of national significance that are either Grade I or Grade II listed within the grounds that have been in continuous use for more than 900 years.

The primary vision for Farnham Castle is to maintain our position as a pre-eminent entity in Global Intercultural Education in the UK which we achieve by combining our incredible heritage as a leading provider of language and intercultural training since 1958 with our ability to innovate, in particular the development of our leading on-line training resources, to ensure that we stand out in what is a highly competitive field.

Meetings & Events

Our primary vision goes hand in hand with our secondary but no less important vision which is to recognise that, in Farnham Castle, we have a world-class nationally significant heritage site that is much in demand as a conference, meeting, private and community events venue as well as a much-loved visitor attraction. By conserving the castle for the current visitors and future generations, the charity enables visitors to come and learn about the site, the town of Farnham, the Bishop’s of England and the English countryside of Surrey over a period of more than 900 years of England’s history.

We have recently invested with assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Farnham Trust and of course the Farnham Castle charity, in a consolidated repair and conservation programme that has restored and repaired almost every historic element of the site, but it is an ongoing duty of care that requires our constant attention and an ever-increasing supply of cash.

Farnham Castle

The works have also enabled us to open the site to the public from a mere 40 days per year to more than 300 days a year and has seen the entry charges abolished, allowing every visitor from near or far to visit the site free of charge. We have a series of dedicated volunteer guides who not only make your visit more enjoyable and informative they host regular weekly guided tours of the ‘private’ areas of the Bishop’s Palace not normally available for the public to visit that we just would not be able to deliver without their greatly appreciated help.

Opening the site to the public for free still costs money though, our successful restoration projects (shortlisted for a National Museums & Heritage Award) mean that we are now seeing more visitors to the site than ever before and unfortunately although historical sites may have their significance measured in years of existence and by the number of visitors they receive, but they are also damaged by the sheer volume of visitors and the wear and tear they bring as well as the damage caused by the English weather system.

That is why we humbly ask of you to Donate £1 to Farnham Castle by texting FHAM11 £1 to 70070 – the service is provided free by Vodafone in partnership with JustGiving from any mobile phone on any network – you will also be asked to GiftAid your donation which allows us as a charity to claim the tax back from the government so please do say yes to GiftAid.

Donate £1 to Farnham Castle

Many, many thanks for reading all the way to the bottom and many more thanks than that if you choose to donate even the smallest amount to the Farnham Castle charity (you can donate any amount you wish, £1 is just a recommended donation).

Thank you, love you, bye : )

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