I don’t use Facebook

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t use Facebook very much. This has been proven today, when I discovered that a friend of mine had something called Ticker running in the right hand column of her Facebook profile. ‘What is that?’ I wondered, that isn’t how my Facebook looks and to be honest I wasn’t really very happy about the stalker-ness of the twitter like feed of everything people had liked or commented on, streaming all the time. I actually said ‘this may be the end of the line for me and Facebook!’ Which was treated with a smile of derision because ‘I am always on Facebook!’.

Only when I'm drunk

So later on I checked on my Facebook profile, no Ticker feed, so I search Facebook help and discover this response to the FAQ

Why don’t I see ticker on my account?
Ticker only shows up for people with a certain level of account activity. If you don’t see ticker, it’s probably because you don’t use Facebook a lot, so there’s not enough content to make ticker useful to you.

I rest my case, I don’t use Facebook enough to have a Ticker feed.

If you don’t want to have a Ticker feed on your Facebook profile but you do use Facebook enough to have one and you are using Chrome as your OS you can install this extension to get rid of it forever!!

So now all I have to decide is whether to delete my Facebook account completely or not, I never use it….honest : )

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