The Nohican

Last night I was chatted up / complimented by the most gorgeous young lady in the whole pub* – it may have been a joke (self doubt filter still works I see) as she was not only absolutely stunning but she was at least 20 years younger than I.

She got a male friend of hers to come over and tell me that his friends were really appreciating my hair and in particular the young lady that had walked over with him, who he then introduced me to.

I was struck dumb, struck mute, I didn’t even ask her name! She was the most incredible looking creature I have seen in real life for a long time and I had spotted her earlier across the courtyard and thought how stunning she was but we hadn’t exchanged a glance or eye contact or anything, so this was completely left field, unexpected, so much so, I am writing about it!!

Well it probably was a joke anyway and so I probably handled the situation perfectly, also I am very much taken, so she didn’t stand a chance but it was still very flattering.

This was taken just before I went out for the night, I am calling this version of my hair the ‘Nohican’ and it was the nohican that seemed to be getting the attention if I’m honest.

20120512-102956 AM.jpg

The Nohican

*NB I was with two absolutely gorgeous young ladies (and a very attractive young man) at the time but they are my friends so they were obviously not included when I say the whole pub!

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