Some poetry:

Written in the morning 6am during huge storm.

Lover’s Summer

The sun dappled clouds
cleared by the breeze,
the bird song out loud
whistling through the trees,
The storms that gather.
A green and pleasant land.
The rain that pours,
soak the soil and the sand.
Scudding clouds.
Pollen counts.
Beaches, coves and forest floors.
Mountains, valleys, glens and moors.
A lover’s summer.
And then the fall.

Latest from my lovely holiday in Cornwall June 2010


Sun, sea and sand,
British Summer Time.
Shit, shower and shave,
under canvas in Cornwall, I craved,
in a place that is mine,
compromising the latter with a warm pasty, scrumpy and cooled wine.


In the past, I could never master
in love and lust it never lasted,
cos I’m a wuss when it comes to us,
I was just such a cowardly bastard.
I’m alone, my sanity is sold,
my heart and my soul, feels oh so cold,
reality costs, a love that’s lost,
hankering for a love, a love that’s gold.
In the art of love, I have wanted
myself to trust another’s past loved,
I need to feel, to know it’s real,
before my heart and soul can be trusted.
Feelings wander, could not be stronger,
so strong, I could not wait no longer.
I needed time to make you mine,
the moment passed, I wished for longer,
before it began, it was almost over,
the feelings grew then passed under,
cuts like a knife, the love of my life,
I shall love you from afar and wonder.
I wish that I had had the guts to
ask you out that once or times two.
Once was lust between the two of us;
I know now that I can never have you.
Before it began, it was almost over,
I wish I’d had the guts to tell you
as you were walking away,
I saw you with him, walking in the rain;
I wish I’d had the guts, but
you were just holding each other’s hands
and I’ll never be the same.
Love and lust, love and lust.


He drinks tea with the Queen,
when he can find the time.
He can beat Stephen Hawking at Mastermind,
it’s just the same with Twister he wins every time.
He’s the acknowledged eighth wonder of the World.

Strong of will and broad of mind,
he’s honest fair and true.
He slapped Godzilla down and he put King Kong in the zoo.
A piece of piss to him is an ocean to you.
The master of space and time.

In every front room his picture is hung,
in every church and school his praises are sung
and every solar ray is shone from his bum.
That’s X-Wide P, he is the only one.

X, he’s everyone’s main interest.
Wide, so great even he’s impressed.
P, he’s at the top, yes he’s the best
X – Wide P,
bloody marvellous,
and so modest.


The sun is shining overhead,
sly grin on his face.
He’s sliding down low, to his favourite place.

Two faces turn to touch,
love is on their lips.
There’s green and gold everywhere, no place to resist.

Friendly strangers holding back,
looking for some peace.
All their brightness comes from love, looking for release.


I miss you in the wintertime,
I miss you in the rain,
even when the sun is shining
I miss you all the same.

I want to close this open heart,
I want to write a book,
I want to drive around the world,
just to take a look.

I want to save a thousand pounds,
I want to spend some time,
I want to start a crisis,
I want to solve a crime.

I miss you when the sun is shining,
I miss you in the night,
and when the day is dawning,
I want to hold you tight.

5 Responses to Poems

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  4. loripop326 says:

    I’m really glad you’re sharing your poems.
    I enjoyed them a lot.
    I look forward to reading more 🙂

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