Quotes & Sayings

Things that either inspire me, move me or just stuff I say all the time…for more quotes visit my Quotes Blog.

‘Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious’ – Peter Ustinov

‘Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong’ – Oscar Wilde

‘Indeed’ – Used when I want to say, I agree, thanks, okay, that’s the end of that conversation.

Ford Prefect ‘It’s unpleasantly like being drunk!’
Arthur Dent ‘What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?’
Ford Prefect ‘You ask a glass of water!’ – Douglas Adams

‘Calm & subdued on the outside with a raging tiger inside’ – Quincy ME / Relevant Elephant

‘If I had all the money I’ve spent on drink, I’d spend it on drink!’ – Vivian Stanshall as Sir Henry

‘A to B, Tea, Wee & Me’ – My mantra for destination marketing & visitor expectation

‘I’d like to think that I would do what Edward Woodward would do’ – Relevant Elephant

‘Eat my Leek!’ – William Shakespeare – Henry V

‘Cheddar cheese and pickle, a Vincent motorcycle, slap and tickle’ – Ian Dury – Reasons to be cheerful Part 3

‘No need to be scared’ – said whenever someone say’s they are afraid in the context of apologising to me

‘This is a small office, I get concerned if we change the brand of coffee we drink’ – Sheriff on Justified (USA TV Series)

‘There is a computer disease that anybody who works with computers knows about. It’s a very serious disease and it interferes completely with the work. The trouble with computers is that you ‘play’ with them!’ – Richard P. Feynman

‘Mustn’t Grumble’ – said too often in reply to the question ‘how are you’ (which is asked a lot in the UK)

‘: )’ or ‘; )’ – Apologies I just can’t help myself, if I’m not smiling or winking then I probably wouldn’t be writing anything at all! I use these emoticons far too often : (

‘Sometimes, the right thing to say is nothing. punctuated by a good, hard kick in the testicles’ – Lori Flood (Thanks to Chrisinda Lukens for bringing this to my attention)

My Favourite Words are: Gazebo, Polyglot and Serendipity, I also like the way Ghengis Khan sounds/rolls off the tongue

‘This car’s interior has been designed by someone who thought a Porsche was something that went on the outside of a house’ – Jeremy Clarkson

This is the reason humans are stupid: We go to bed when we aren’t tired, and get up when we are, so we are never fully functional – Stanford University Research Article (thanks to Brenda Jacobson Noland for bringing this to my attention)

‘This distant image of our tiny world(. It) underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, to preserve and cherish the only home we have ever known, the pale blue dot’ – Carl Sagan

‘It’s the weather!’ an irritating statement I say in response to people’s insistence on telling me the blatantly obvious, such as, it is cold/hot/wet/sunny/dark in winter/summer/when it’s raining/sunny or at night.

For more quotes visit my Quotes Blog.

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  1. fadil says:

    Words spoken are like eggs broken.

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