StudionAme Take-Over (3)

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Twitter Logo as Circles


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Old Rule

I keep seeing the post ‘New Rule: take 3 pieces of plastic home when you visit the beach’ and I thought everyone should be reminded of the old Rule.



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Kickstarter Campaign – Soundwaves

Soundwaves (Physikospectrosymphonia) by Phil Hackett
Acrylic and gloss on photographic paper with electronic audio player.

A series of large photographs of reflected landscapes in still lake waters that have been overpainted by the artist to create soundwave shaped images from the actual landscape outline created by nature in the original photographs. These soundwave shapes are then converted electronically from visual reference into sound reference that is then playable for the viewer to hear by the touch of a button built into the paintings frame while observing the work.

Kickstarter Video

Physikospectrosymphonia – Natural (physikos) To Look (spectro) Harmonious Sound (symphonia) is the process of converting a digital scan of a naturally formed analogue soundwave image into a digital soundwave that can be reproduced as an analogue audio soundwave.

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Brief Encounters – Lab Visit

I went to the Genetics lab at the University of Leicester today to observe an experiment and ask questions.

I got involved and helped to prepare samples for testing and followed the process from start to finish for that stage of the experiment.

I was then allowed to download a whole host of related images from previous similar experiments taken using a Confocal Microscope – fascinating images.

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