Brief Encounters – Lab Visit

I went to the Genetics lab at the University of Leicester today to observe an experiment and ask questions.

I got involved and helped to prepare samples for testing and followed the process from start to finish for that stage of the experiment.

I was then allowed to download a whole host of related images from previous similar experiments taken using a Confocal Microscope – fascinating images.

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Brief Encounter – Artist Residency

I had my first meeting with the staff at the Genetics Department at the University of Leicester in the laboratories.

Dr Carlo Breda was very calm and patient with all my questions and gave me access to some amazing images and past research materials that I think are going to be absolutely perfect for my developing art work for this project.

Which has also given me inspiration to set up a projects section on my art blog, as the way the works develop and were created is as important as the finished piece to me and I should be sharing that with you.

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I Wish

I Wish by Phil Hackett


I wish I could stop loving you
I wish it would just stop
I wish nothing but the best for you
You were my best friend and my rock
I wish I could stop loving you
I wish for that a lot
I wish that I had seen your view
And understood what I did not
I wish I could stop loving you
‘Cause now you love me not
I wish it didn’t hurt you too
It adds suffering to my lot
I wish I could stop loving you
But I don’t wish, I did not
‘Cause the times we had together
Were the best it ever got

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Missing Summer

Missing Summer by Phil Hackett
The sun dappled clouds

cleared by the breeze,

birds sing out loud

whistling through the trees,

The storms that gather.

A green and pleasant land.

The rain that pours,

soak the soil and the sand.

Scudding clouds.

Pollen counts.

My lover misses them all.

Beaches, coves and forest floors.

Mountains, valleys, glens and moors.

She’s missing summer.

And then the fall.
By Phil Hackett
My wife has suffered from ME for eighteen years but her health has deteriorated since last summer.

Written as an entry for the #MissingMillions poetry competition to support MEAction for ME Awareness Month.

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Private Views Film

Private Views Film (2016) – Premiered at Phoenix Square

Created for Expect the Unexpected, Vivid Arts, Cultural eXchanges Week, De Montfort University, Phoenix Arts.

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