Relevant Elephant

Finest purveyors of Rock Steady Hip Hop Mambo since 1991

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Let us know what you think, we would love to hear your thoughts, and don’t forget pachyderms have very thick skin : )

New York, Paris, Leicester

Chicken Avenger

Verbal Tekken

Bolivian Villa

Let’s Pretend

The Look Up (Hint – Whiff of Metal remix)

Some of my favourite Relevant Elephant images & logo’s

You can hear the songs by clicking the audio player for each song above or join us on MySpace or on ReverbNation or on the Relevant Elephant facebook page.


4 Responses to Relevant Elephant

  1. SumMary says:

    Relephant Elephant Phront Man Phil, I just read your ’3 Peaks Shuffle’ article in the current Anglotopia newsletter. I thought you might enjoy knowing about the author of “Coop”, (in Search of One Good Egg, etc.) Michael Perry of
    He might be able to tell you if, especially since the Super Bowl, Wisconsin has more cheese than England. We know they have more cheddar. “It’s the single most popular cheese in the world!” John Cleese said so , so it must be true. I was also intrigued in “search” to find other relevant elephants, not the least of which is one on “Spread the Rumors” album by Socratic AND “The Relevant Elephant”, a computer programmer in search of marketing. “Bacon, bacon, bacon. Nothing smells quite like bacon.” (and eggs). Best regards,
    ProPANE –by SumMary “Stayin’ in the PANE Game”
    Promotional Marketing Campaign Visions

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